Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm still alive...

So if you ask my parents I am a terrible blogger and they have stopped even checking my blog! Yes, I am still alive and yes I am still updating my blog! Things have been slightly flipped upside down lately - in the past two weeks I have packed, moved, and unpacked again! To top it all off, I have spent two of the past three weekends at dance competitions cheering on my girls! In fact, I'm in the car on my way to Chicago to competition this weekend. With my new phone I should be able to update much more frequently! Actually, I might even be able to update again this weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive!

Seriously! I cannot seem to find enough minutes in the day to get everything done - and blogging seems to be at the bottom of my list! It has been a crazy few weeks - including alot of hours spent working, a weekend in Disney World with the high school dance team I coach, and moving. Let me tell you - I cannot wait for things to settle down, even just a little!

I hope to find some more time soon to blog - just wanted to give a little update! :)

Much Love!