Thursday, November 12, 2009

Engagement Pictures

As promised, here they are. Donna at Studio D Photography did a remarkable job. She is a good friend of Kevin's and we so enjoyed sharing this experience with her - she made us feel comfortable and was very easy to work with. Because Kevin is a photographer, we had a difficult time deciding on who to hire - but after meeting with her, I knew she was the one immediately. Her work is fabulous - and so is she! :)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi Friends

Just checking in to notify everyone that I'm still alive. To be honest, I've been so busy with busy work, I haven't felt like I have anything exciting to chat about. I've logged onto my blog about 5 times, but nothing speaks to me to write about. So, today I'm just giving a little update on anything and everything.

Wedding planning is essentially done, except for the tiny details now. I have a few decisions left to make, but for the most part everything is done. Here is the hilarious part of all of it, I am usually a very indecisive, go-with-the-flow person - sometimes to a fault. Our nights usually go something like this; Kevin: "where do you want to go for dinner?" Me: "I don't care" Kevin: "What sounds good?" Me: "Eh, whatever". It drives him INSANE. I've determined it is yet another direct result of this glorious career I have. I spend all day making every choice for the 26 cherubs in my room. Every. Single. Choice. Can I go to the bathroom? Can I eat my snack? Can I sharpen my pencil? Can I go to the library? Where is the lunch count envelope? Can I write instead of read? Can I call my mom to tell her I forgot my lunch? You get the picture. So, back to wedding planning - I really hate making decisions...especially when I don't really have an opinion on the choices. End of rant. In other news, we got our engagement pictures taken over the beautiful weekend - I will post some of them soon! They turned out really great!

Grad school is going to be the death of me. Between the 900 pages (no exaturation) of articals I need to read and write reviews on for one of my classes and the 30 page research paper I need to write for my other class - I'm literally going out of my mind. I just keep repeating this phrase to myself: "nothing lasts forever." "nothing lasts forever." As my dad always used to tell me when I was a little girl, "Kate, tough times don't last, but tough people do". So, as I stand here as an adult, I'll take that advice Dad...and I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other, hoping these tough times don't kill this tough girl.

Pictures coming soon, hope all is well with everyone -

Lots of Love,
Katie :)