Monday, January 11, 2010

A Year of New...

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone. I will have a picture update for you as soon as my computer at home is fixed! My two week vacation was glorious. I enjoyed relaxing time with Kevin and Kaitlyn, extended family, and got a little time to catch up with old friends. I so enjoy spending time with the people who make my life so wonderful.

It is unbelievable to me that it's 2010! 5 years since I graduated from college, 9 years since I graduated high school, 27 years since I was born. Time has been flying. 2010 will be a year of many changes for me...some big and some small - but changes none the less.

A new attitude: I am re-affirming my promise to choose to be cheerful in as many situations as possible.

A new me: I (along with my entire family) have begun competing in a biggest loser challenge. Yesterday marked one week from the beginning of this diet and wow, if only I had time right now to list the ways my life has changed. The amount of time it takes to eat healthy is amazing to me. I spend many nights coming home planning meals, counting calories, and going to the gym. I have dropped 4 lbs in a week - and am very hopeful I will be able to keep on track. The ending of the competition is the wedding, so check back for updates!

A new name: Speaking of the wedding, 19.5 weeks from now, I will have a new name!! That is beyond crazy to me!! There is so much still to be done, I'm trying desperately to just take it all in and enjoy this season of my life because I have been waiting a very long time for it to be my turn.

A new family: Marrying a man who already has a child brings an instant family. New traditions, new expectations, new opportunities to learn and share and love. Although I still long for a child of my own, having a step-daughter is something that is both frustrating and exhilariting all at the same time. It is something you simply cannot understand unless you have done it and I am very excited for the relationship we already have and the special bond we will get to build as she gets older.

Here's to 2010 - a year of changes for me - and my prayer is that it will be a year of blessings for you. :)