Monday, February 22, 2010


So it's been a big inside joke in ouR family Recently that I think it would be gReat to have R's spRinkled thRoughout ouR Reception - because on June 5th, R will be the beginning of my new last name!!
Man, was I showeRed with R's foR ChRistmas and my biRthday in December!! They aRe all oveR my house!

We aRe up to ouR eaRs in R's...! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look what arrived this week...

It's really and truly happening. For some reason, it's really hit me this past week. Everything is coming together and I'm really getting married in 102 days. Wow.

My Favorite Boys

Last week I had the day off school to celebrate President's Day. We decided to use our afternoon to choose our tuxes - and we took my nephew Sam with us. I am telling you, that child is SO excited!!

He was so still while she was measuring him :)
"Tante, take my picture!! I'm so handsom in this suit!" Yes, Sam Michael, you certainly are!

"Tante, this isn't my real tuxedo right? Cuz it doesn't really fit right." "No Sam, for the 10th time, this is not your real tux - they will get another one that fits you just right." "Then this is just so you can take pictures to send to my mom to scrapbook?" "Yes, Sam, that is exactly right. Good listening."

Ah, what a day. :)