Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - A week of family fun....

Home Sweet....

Home.  CLASSROOM.  :)

I spent the entire day in my classroom attempting to get things in order for the fast approaching beginning of the school year.  I cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone!  I think after 7 hours in my room, Kaitlyn working like a set of twins on the to-do list I made for her (she LOVES helping me!), and me crossing things off left and right - I think I'm close to ready.  Here is a photo tour.  Enjoy :)

The door to my classroom.  *smile*

View from the door.
Small group table
View from back by the small group area
My new Daily 5 Cafe board.  I am irrationally excited about it....
View from the other corner of my room towards the front
My desk area
View of the entire room from my desk
I cannot believe in one short week I will be back at work and just a few days later, my students will be filling those blue chairs!!  Wow.  :)