Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something to Laugh About...

First I have something that isn't really something to laugh about.  A blogger I stumbled across through another blog I read is going through heart-wrenching, unimaginable, get-on-your-knees-and-pray pain right now.  Julee from The Turner Channel lost her husband earlier this week, and her sweet miracle baby, 10 month old Preslee, lost her daddy this week.  I don't know this family in real life, but my heart breaks into a million pieces for them.

In support of her, many bloggers are doing a day of silence, and I'm doing just the opposite.  She has inspired me to post a little about my story.  I'm not going to get into it very much tonight, but my husband and I have spent 2 years struggling through infertility.  It has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life, but I am absolutely a different and stronger person now than I was when I began.  I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile now, but it's so personal and I was too scared.  After reading Julee's blog, I've decided to swallow my fear and blog about it.  Julee's blog helped me, and maybe I can help someone else.

With all of that being said, here is a little excerpt from one of my favorite posts of her entire blog.  Something to laugh about...because there isn't much usually when talking about or going through this crazy journey.  But when you can find something, when you can see anything positive, when you can keep your heart in one piece and smile about the little things: that, my friends, gets you through the hard days.

So, here you go: something to laugh about.  :)

You can go read the article and more but here are her suggestions formore realistic titled fertility books:
  • What to Expect after you’ve peed on a stick and you’re not sure if you really see a second line or it’s your imagination.
  • What to Expect when you’ve been waiting all day for the fertility doctor to call you back.
  • What to Expect after you’ve stared at the toilet paper and thought that you might have seen a red dot.
  • What to Expect when you’re partner’s sperm count is in the negatives.
  • What to Expect after you’ve had baby-making sex, not because you wanted to, but because it was ovulation time.
  • What to Expect when cousin Martha gets pregnant on her first try.
  • What to Expect when you have way too much PCOS-related facial hair.
  • What to Expect after you’ve been inseminated by a 20 year old fertility intern named Teresa.
  • What to Expect when your Facebook friends happily post their ultrasound photos and you want to shoot yourself.
  • What to Expect after you’ve just eaten a container of ice cream following a BFN.
  • What to Expect when you’re at a baby shower sobbing in the guest of honor’s bathroom.
  • What to Expect when you have to give yourself a fertility injection during cousin Emma’s wedding.
  • What to Expect when you’re mother gives you another newspaper articles about infertility.
  • What to Expect when you’re completely jealous of all pregnant women but won’t ever admit it.
  • What to Expect when you feel hopeless and this blog reminds you to never give up HOPE.

Please pray for Julee and Preslee.

Katie :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Sparkle

My mother is simply the most amazing woman on earth for many reasons - but among them, is that she truly listens.  Months ago my sister and I mentioned in passing that we were drooling over the new sparkly Uggs at the mall.  We love Uggs - they get us through the brutal weather in Iowa over the winter months.  As most of you know, we also coach a dance team together (for the school district that I teach in) and the school colors are Blue & Grey (but I like to say Blue & Silver - I mean, who doesn't need a little sparkle, right?!).  Every Friday at work, we have casual Friday and I just NEEDED these new Uggs to be my every Friday shoes.

Knowing that Christmas was months away and our birthdays are just quickly after Christmas, we both put our hopes aside and forgot about our new beloved boots.  One hot August day, my mom gave each of us a big package wrapped with birthday paper.  "Happy Birthday - a little early" she said to us.  We exchanged confused looks and then raced to open the package and beat the other like we were 3-years-old.

My friends, please behold the lovely addition to my Friday attire:


My feet are warm and comfy.  And there is enough sparkle to go around on this Friday.

Happy Weekend!