Monday, June 30, 2014

These days...

How possibly have 5 weeks flown by since I've been on my little blog home?!

Quite honestly, I miss it.  A lot.  I miss connecting with all of my blog friends.  I miss having this little outlet for my thoughts.

I promised myself I would give myself a little time to adjust to being a mom.  I promised myself I wouldn't "busy-up" my spare time, but that I would hold, snuggle, play with and love on my newborn.  However, I also promised myself I wouldn't lose sight of the things that were important to me before I became a mom.  And this blog is one of those things.

I feel like this little blog is having a little bit of an identity crisis.  For an entire year it has been a place people have come to see an incredible, "feel-good" story unfold.  To get a dose of "there really are still great people in this world".  And while every single day when I look at this face...

...I am reminded of the miraculous way she was brought into this world and so very thankful - the reality is that this little blog of mine is going to have to return to a little bit of normalcy.  Sometimes I still look back on the past year of my life and I literally cannot believe that really happened to me.  I am so thankful that this story has been so inspiring to so many people.  And while obviously, our story isn't "over", it's much more "normal"...and we are so happy it is.  These days, I'm thankful to get up and feed my baby at 5:00 am.  These days, I change clothes more times in 24 hours than I used to in 72 hours because the smell of puke just isn't my thing.  These days, I live for big toothless grins like this:

And I couldn't be happier.  However, I feel like each day when people log in to see this blog - it's a let-down of sorts because I no longer have big, huge miracles to share with you.  I no longer have tear jerking posts to write.  So for the last few weeks, I've really been thinking a lot about why I should or shouldn't continue to blog.  Here's what I've come up with:

While I don't have those things to blog about anymore, I do have normal, everyday life with my adorable baby to blog about.  I do have "I'm-about-to-pull-my-hair-out" mommy moments to blog about.  I still have organizing and other projects that some people might like to see.  And on top of all of that, the entire reason I started blogging was to keep an online chronicle of our lives that my kids could one day look back on and read.  I want my family who lives far away to see some of the things our little family does from day-to-day.  And quite frankly, I want all of you who I have never met, yet prayed us through our journey, to get to experience a small piece of this miracle you all helped come true.

So, I am committed to continuing to blog...about my incredibly boring, repetitive, blessed, amazing life.  I hope you will join me.  :)

Lots of Love -