Friday, September 5, 2014


I officially suck as a mommy-blogger.  I'm sorry everyone - a little someone has been keeping me from this little place I used to call home.

I think about blogging every day - but then when I get home, Kamdyn wants to tell me about her day, Kevin & I are trying to eat at home more so I need to make dinner, that load of laundry needs to be folded, the dust is piled an inch thick on my coffee table...and yet, all I want to do is sit and play with or talk to my sweet baby.  And I'm told from every single mother I talk to about this to do just that.  The dust, laundry, cleaning, and other household stuff can wait...but this baby girl - well, she won't ever be 4 months old again.  ((sigh)) and so, this little blog of mine?  She's taken a hit.  A major hit.  Because she's been bumped down on my priority list by lots and lots of things.  But when I have a second when everyone is asleep - I can steal a few minutes and give you all a photo dump of this little miracle.

Little miss is 20 weeks old already!  She loves to kick, babble, squeal, smile, and giggle.  She's trying really hard to sit up and roll over.  She is also becoming interested in playing with chewing on toys.

When she went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, she was about 25 inches long and almost 14 lbs. 

She hates being "carried like a baby" - we always have to have her on our hip or sitting up facing out.  She also very rarely wants to snuggle to go to sleep anymore.  Sad face for mommy.  She wants to be laid down and she puts herself to sleep.  {I do know how blessed I am about all of these things because I hear these sleeping habits are very hard to break or teach}

She is the sweetest, most well natured baby.  She is usually happy and content...unless she's hungry, in which case she is 0-60.  She is getting into a stage where she recognizes people...which is both good and bad.  I feel terrible when she doesn't want to go to someone, but the toothless grin I get when I pick her up from daycare each day is enough to melt my whole heart.

She has changed my life in 100,000 ways, and she is absolutely the very best part of every single day.

I'll try to be a better blogger...but having a less adorable distraction would really help that cause alot.

Happy Friday everyone!