Tuesday, November 18, 2014

31 Weeks

Sorry this photo is blurry - it's from my phone.  The better version is on my camera, which is in the other room, which I'm currently too lazy to get up and grab.  So - this will have to do.  :)

First of all, the "31 weeks" thing is annoying to me...it's too many weeks to do the math of...but I feel like I'm supposed to say it that way because that's how I've always counted until a year old.  Whatever.

Also, those Christmas jammies are just to die for.  She is so darn cute in them.  And they're so soft.  Can't wait to decorate the tree with this girl - and see Santa - and watch her rip open gifts.  Just cannot wait to start new traditions and introduce her to old ones.  I love this time of year so much.

Lastly.  Can we just discuss two posts in one week?!  Tooting my own horn here.

Have a great Tuesday, Friends!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday {Night} Musings

Anyone else holding on for dear life, riding the crazy train, and just really hoping Thanksgiving hurries on up?

Holy wow.  I'm driving the struggle bus lately.  Just trying as hard as I can to keep it all together.

{notice how I just went ahead and slipped on in here without mention of my (yet again) months long absence from the blogosphere?}

Here's the deal.  I've determined a photo dump is what you people want...not listening to my random-ness tonight...so, here ya go.

This kid can eat.  She loves her food.

This is serious.  Those pigtails are a riot. 
matching Halloween outfits, matching pigtails, matching attitudes
Little Miss was a lady bug for Halloween.  It was the cutest bug I've ever seen. 
The weather has gotten SO cold this week...we've had to break out the winter hat.  I hate the cold.  But I love the hat.  And I love the girl even more. 
SEVEN months old.  Simply unbelievable.
I'm really fortunate because we have a live in professional photographer.  I have literally thousands of pictures of Kamdyn.  But of all of them, this one ranks right up there as my most favorite.  I love her in blue.  I love the little mischief that's in her eyes in this picture.  I love her dimple.  I just love her.

That's all for today.  Be back this week with more updates.  Promise.