Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10,000 and a camp update

For the past 10 years my sister and I have coached a high school dance team at our alma mater, Pleasant Valley.  There was no program for dance when we attended there, so it has been a pretty huge task to build this program to what it is today in 10 short years.  We are so thankful to the supportive parents in our program and our extremely talented dancers make our jobs SO much fun.  

This week we are at camp with them learning new routines, bonding as a team, and hoping to earn our bid to Nationals in Orlando, FL in February.  The camp experience is a TON of work for the girls but inevitably winds up being one of their most memorable experiences as a team.

Before we left for camp, one of our families graciously allowed us to invade their home for an afternoon to swim, eat dinner and then have a sleep over.  The girls had a BLAST!

This is SO them.  They are silly and fun - but hardworking and dedicated all at the same time.  We love them so much!
Ok, now for the 2nd part of this title - 10,000.  Does anyone know what that is?!

That is the number of page views this little blog has gotten!!  
Unbelievable.  Thank you so much for your interest in our story - I find it so amazing that other people have found this little online home of mine and enjoyed it so much that they continue coming back.  I wonder if that will ever cease to amaze me?

Have a super day friends

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