Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hidden Chronicles of our Baby #1: God is Good.

*No, we are NOT pregnant.  This is our journey*
 **The purpose of this post (and really this whole blog) is to 1. keep our family and friends informed and 2. so that I remember this incredible journey.  It's long and contains details many of you probably don't care about, but I don't want to forget.  I hope you're ready for this amazing ride with us.  :)**

God is so good.

Today (June 19, 2013) I received a signed contract from Julie - we have had this in the works for about a month, but didn't want to make it public without the necessary legal documents in order.  I have been blogging in real time thru this entire process and have been saving each post for the day I would be able to click PUBLISH.  Today is that day.

Praise God.

On May 21 before I left for work I created a Facebook Community Page for our adoption journey.  The sole purpose of this page was to rally support and spread the word.  To be frank, I never in my wildest dreams thought anything would come from it other than our family and friends staying up to date with us and sending up some prayers.  By the end of the 2nd day we had over 300 likes and shares.  We were overwhelmed with support and love.

That night at 9:07 PM someone I went to college with (Julie) messaged me.  She said she was touched by our journey and that she would pray for us.  She also asked if we had considered surrogacy.  I replied back that I appreciated her prayers more than she could know and that though we had discussed surrogacy briefly, we hadn't done much research.  I asked her if she had experience or other information to share.

On May 22nd (exactly one week from the day I'm writing this post) at 8:05 PM, Julie messaged me and said that while she didn't have any information for me, she knew in her heart that she was supposed to be a surrogate in her lifetime.  She said that her husband (Dan) and her had discussed this many times and felt so blessed by their own children that she just knows that God has blessed her with the ability to provide another family with a child of their own.  Then she said the sentence that would change our life forever:
"I know this may sound abrupt or out of the blue, but if you decide to go that route, I would LOVE to be considered to help you bring life into this world."

Do you hear the angels singing?  

Kevin and I spent that night talking about the possibilities, texting Julie about insurance, discussing logistics, etc.  Kevin was cautiously optimistic.  I was over the moon excited and mostly overwhelmed.  As I'm reflecting, I feel like I should've felt strange about this whole process, but I never one time have.  It's like a sense of peace about it from day one.  Bizarre.

May 22nd was a Wednesday.  It was a beautiful night - Kevin and I walked for a long time that night talking, dreaming, planning.  It was perfect.  The next day, I was super busy at work and had a banquet for the studio at night, so I really didn't have much time - but I remember periodically throughout the day I would stop and think, did that seriously happen? I would then look back at the messages from the night before.  Yep.  That's real.  She seriously offered that.  I didn't dream that.  Holy crap, I might be somebody's mom.  No, seriously - SOMEBODY'S MOM.  

Julie and I talked a bit more thru text the night of the 23rd and she reassured me that she is still serious.  She's still not going anywhere.  And that whatever time we needed to get our ducks in a row was fine with her.  I'm telling you - this woman is an ANGEL.  I called our attorney that night and scheduled an appointment with her - this was a real possibility.

That weekend was Memorial Day which was extremely busy with end-of-the-year things at school, family time, and our niece's graduation in Dubuque - on Sunday night Julie texted me saying that she wanted to give us our space but that she wanted us to know that she was thinking about us. 

We met with our attorney on Tuesday (May 28th) afternoon to discuss the logistical legal business.  There were a few snafu's that needed to be addressed such as where the baby would be delivered, insurance, contract agreements, etc.  That night Julie and her husband Dan agreed to Skype with Kevin & I.  For some reason I was really nervous.  Yep, not nervous for someone else to carry my child - but terrified to talk with them over Skype.  I'm ridiculous.  Just ask Kevin.  :)  Our Skype session literally could not have gone better.  We got the logistics ironed out, the insurance business all turned out to be fine, she agreed to deliver where we live {I've told you a million times, she's wonderful}, and they are anticipating looking over the contract and signing it.  Out of that Skype conversation, I kept saying "this is just too good to be true.  There has to be a catch." Julie & Dan continued to emphasize that there is NO catch.  Julie shared a story about listening to her Pastor at church talk about the fact that there should be no random acts of kindness, only intentional acts of kindness.  That really made me stop and think.  And Dan said "there are not enough people in this world who will do the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do."  Both of them are angels sent straight from God himself.

This is for real.  She is going to bring a baby into this world that we get to keep forever.

God is so good.


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't even tell you how very happy I am for you and Kevin! What a beautiful gift you are being given.

  2. This is truly answered prayer! You so deserve to be parents and God knows best how to get that done!! What a blessing!

  3. Truly a blessing! As I read this I was overwhelmed by the selfless giving of Julie and Dan. The wonderful gift they are giving you is a testament to you and Kevin and their confidence in knowing that you both will be amazing parents. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!