Friday, May 2, 2014

Kamdyn's Birth Story

As everyone is well aware, we had a scheduled induction for 39 weeks 1 day - which was 4/14/14.  Our amazing doctor allowed us to go into the hospital at midnight on 4/14, so we were able to begin the induction medication and then try to get some sleep.  Here is the last pregnant bump picture I snapped of Julie once we got to the hospital.

After they got the medication started, we tried to get some sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, the doctor came in to check Julie to see if they could break her water.  She hadn't progressed at all.  In fact, Kamdyn was higher than she had been during the office visit the week before.  Little stinker was just comfy in there.  Sooooo, sweet Julie walked laps.  And laps.  And laps.  They changed positions. Anything the sweet nurses could think of to get that baby out.  Julie passed some time reading magazines.

Dan was such a trooper.  It was cold in the room.  He had planned to head home once she got checked in, but we weren't sure how quickly labor would progress, so we made him stay.  He's such an amazing guy.

As they came back in to check her, she had made progress - so they were able to break her water.  At that point, labor intensified so she got her epidural.  After that, we continued to pass the time on our phones, reading magazines, and cracking ourselves up.

At about 7:00 PM, they came in to check her and determined we were ready to have a baby.  I just had no possible idea the profound ways my life was about to change.  But look at how adorable Julie is...seriously, who looks like this 5 minutes before giving birth?!

Kevin was able to help deliver Kamdyn {which is why he was wearing gloves} and I was prepared to kangaroo with Kamdyn (skin to skin contact) immediately after she was born {which is why I'm wearing a gown}.

I quite frankly don't have words for the next 20 minutes of my life, so I will just take you on a little picture timeline through the most defining moments of my life so far.  Simply incredible.

Every dream come true
The incredible Dr. Aronson
Love at first sight.
Meeting Sissy for the first time
"Thank you for my sister"
My soul sister.  We are so blessed that she chose us.
Our first picture as a family of 4
She was pissed.  Like "someone chopped my arm off" screams.
What a little peanut :)
{7 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches long}
Meeting her Kanga face to face.  The most important person in her life up until this point.  I pray that the bond they share will be a lifelong one.  I know the bond we share certainly is.  I just don't even have words for how thankful I am for her.

I so badly wish I had a picture of Dan holding her on the day she was born, but he was the photographer and I was not in my right mind.  :)  I'm working on a whole entire post just for Dan.  He is a remarkable man - he is for sure the wind beneath Julie's wings and equally responsible for the miracle of Kamdyn.
Peeking :)
After a bath and with a bow in her hair.  So sweet.
The love I felt for her in the moment she was handed to me is something I both feared I would never experience and was terrified I wouldn't feel even if I did get to experience it.  We are head over heals in love with her and feel so very blessed that God chose us to be her parents.

I'll be back soon with her first two week updates and some other pictures from her first few weeks of life.  Before I go, I want to genuinely thank every single person who has ever read and prayed for our family.  This little blog that started as a way for me to keep family near and far updated on our little journey to a baby has turned into a place where people I've never met pray for our family, check in weekly to see how things are going, and have taken a genuine interest in Kamdyn's story.  To all of you - thank you.  

We love you -


  1. These pictures brought a tear to my eye. What an incredible, incredible moment.

  2. Thank you for Sharing your beautiful story. I too got misty seing your photos