Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately is filled with this pretty girl!  She has 3 teeth and is more and more fun every single day.  She is starting to interact with people and mimics everything we do - from loud noises to patting us on the shoulder when she's excited to see us.

She loves to play with her toys, listen to music, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and read books.  She will eat most anything we put in front of her, unless it's baby food and we're eating "big people food" - she really wants what we're eating.

She's going to be one year old next week, and I frankly cannot figure out how that happened.  I feel like yesterday I was staring at this:

{1 week old}
I just cannot even believe this was her last week:

She has such a great temperament.  She loves to play alone, but doesn't really like to be in a room by herself - as long as she can see one of us, she's good to go.  She still puts herself to sleep at night - we just give her kisses and put her in her bed with her music on and she goes right to sleep

This is an awful picture of her, but I had to snap it quickly because when I went to get her out of her carseat, this is what I found.  Just so nasty.  And notice how before I corrected her, I snapped a pic?!  :)  Priorities, people.

She has figured out how to stand up with the help of certain surfaces - mostly her crib.  Frequently I come in to her room in the morning to find this.  You might also notice she's showing you another of her tricks...spitting.  Yep.  That's a real treat.

My daycare provider is, hands down, without a doubt, no questions asked - THE BEST.  Kamdyn loves going to daycare and her face lights up when she sees Miss Katie every single morning.  She has friends at daycare that she likes to play with - and even though she's the littlest there, she doesn't really take much nonsense from those big kids.  I'm told she holds her own just fine.  In addition to all these wonderful things about our daycare, almost daily I get adorable-ness like this in my text box...gets me thru many days.  Love that girl!  :)

Here she is in her Easter dress on Easter Sunday.  She just melts my heart.  And those sandals absolutely crack me up.

I'm really missing blogging.  A lot.  And I feel like God is nudging me to hop back on the blog-train...approximately 4 people in the past week have asked me about it!  I've blogged before about how overwhelming it is to me once I've gone months without posting, it feels like I need some sort of big post - but I don't.  The intention of this blog has been first of all, to preserve my memories and second of all, to keep family and friends far away in the loop of our lives - and these little day-to-day things are our life.  So, one little, nonsense post at a time - I'm gonna try to hop back on the wagon.  :)

We're on the downhill slide to the weekend, people!  We can do this!

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